Minty Lemonade or Virgin Mojito ?


I am spending some time at my parent’s Home in Corsica for the summer, and we are enjoying a really hot summer.

This morning I woke up to my parents lawn mowing the garden under my windows.

In our garden, there is no grass, just Mint, so when I opened my shutter, the gorgeous smell of Mint together with the red cheek of my parents sweating gave me the idea of preparing a fresh drink for them.

So, I gathered all the ingredients :

* 2 Lemon and 1 Lime (don’t bother removing the seeds, you’re a mum, too busy for that sh*t!)

* Some Fresh Mint from the garden


* 1 liter of Sparkling Water – I use the tap water which is so good here and added bubbles with my sodastream

* A bucket load of Ice!

P1080317.RW2         P1080318.RW2

And I mixed it all!

I really enjoyed this fresh drink, and so did my mother.

It’s refreshing thanks to the bubbles and tasty with the lime and Mint.

My father however told me “put some alchool or some sugar in this drink, but don’t waste my time!” …..10 o’clock in the morning.


As a consequence, I would recommend to add brown sugar in the drinks of people who are not trying to lose the equivalent weight of a dead donkey.

He did enjoy it once the brown sugar was added!

Also, weirdly enough, it makes a difference when you add some nice fancy straw.

P1080325.RW2Cordialement bisous


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