The Corgi Factory – Perfect presents for corgi lovers & parents who likes something different.

BrthdayI became a corgi lover when I offered one to my husband for his 30th birthday. Before that, I did not get the interest people had in this type of dog, nor did I understand the obsession my husband had for them.

Our Corgi girl, Internet is Two years old and she is scared of everything, but big dogs, the sea (even if there are big waves) &  jumping on your legs on top of stairs when you are carrying a baby in your arms…I heart crap

She has a beautiful face and with her long tail, everyone is telling us : “Oh it loos like a fox” (about 12 times a day, the “does she?” does not sound sincere anymore….).

Thanks to Internet (the dog), we received corgi related presents for our wedding such has a lovely soft toy (that you can see here with my favorite Vivienne Westwood Body) but also a gorgeous ABC painting with corgi dressed-up in all those amazing outfits created by Nina Bashoun a talented french illustrator. abc nbfactory corgi ABC

Tcorgi weddinghe present came with a sweet card and this well- dressed fatty.

The ABC is now exposed in Wendy’s bedroom with its soft color  and the little corgis are so sweet that it is one of our “deco” pride. Really perfect for a nursery.

Since our wedding, Nina has decided to sell some of her artwork via Etsy (on top of her usual exhibitions back in Paris).

c is for corgi

One of my favourite items of her shop is the ABC-Book (in French or in English) where you can find some of the original outfits on the Corgi in soft colors.

The book is a small handmade creation of obvious good quality.

But one of her speciality that makes the ultimate perfect gifts for newborn is the customize name of the baby together with a watercolor painting to add a soft and unique touch of art in the nursery (yes, I am clearly a big fan!)


For example this gorgeous painting for Camille (an adorable baby boy that I happen to know) together with a dugong which is the favorite animal of Camille’s father. She has always been spot-on and that’s why I am very confident about recommending her work.

I have negociated a Discount Code for readers for this special item, so should you indicate “MINTYWENDY” discount code on the Custom Art Baby Name with Name and Animal You will get a 5 euros discount on the purchase price. (Click Here).

I hope you will like it as much as I do!

Cordialement bisous


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