Minty Wendy DIY Baby Swaddle

My little Wendy loves her swaddle, she fondles it to fall asleep and sometime makes a weird dance whilst asleep that looks like a torero teasing a big bull.

Her favourite is a soft one from Aden + Anais with big grey stars. I will probably not swap this one with the one I have hand-made as she likes to put it in her mouth, and chew on it, but I would happily use it to put it on my shoulder when she does her delicate burp (or shall I call it massive belch…).

So, basically, I have been lurking on Etsy for several Custom Hand-Made Baby Swaddles but always thought it was a little bit too expensive (yep, even for me a compulsive buyer). And so I decided to make my own!

What you need

What you will need to buy: 

What you will need to have : 

  • Time
  • An Iron
  • A Tea towel
  • Some paper sheets to put under your square to avoid staining your table

Starts by putting some paint on your Foam Brushes to recreate an ink pad.

painting as ink 1

Use it with your stamps. Make sure you press straight forward and not from twirling from right to left or you’ll be left with stains from the stamp outline.

Press hard stamp
Press down, avoiding the tissue’s wrinkles.
One that I successfully did not ruined by twirling too much.
Wendy name
The name stamp firmly pressed in the foam has his wood outline drench in paint. Be careful not to twirl when pressing down on the square.


Now that you have created several Swaddles with the stamp you bought, it is time for you to create your own. If you are good enough, you can try to create a delicate feather stamp, or try like me to do a fat arrow.

potato Stamp

To do a stamp, cut a potato in half, as flat as you can. Draw your arrow (a feather) with the tip of your knife and slowly remove the outline.

potato Stamp1

To use your home-made stamp, press it on the foam brush exactly as the other and press firmly and straight on your square.

stamp with potato

potato Stamp2Keep a picture of your potato art. Tomorrow it will only be a rotten weirdly dried stamp.

Once you have finished all your squares make sure they correctly dry under the Corsican Sun (that’s my little tip).


You will then have to leave it to dry an additional 24H before going for the next step.


Now that your swaddles are completely dry, you will need to iron them to make sure that the “stain” you have created is completely incrusted on your square.

iron like a lion

Always use a cloth on top of your square so you don’t damage your Iron.

Iron with a clothe

No need to leave the hot Iron on top of your “paint stains” for too long. Just iron normally as you use to do it when you gave a crap whether you clothes were stained or properly flattened.


Make sure you iron on both sides!both side

Et voilà! Home-made custom stamped swaddles!

handmade baby swaddle1Well, not finished yet, actually.

You’ll then ideally have to wait an additional 2 weeks before washing them and tumble dry them before using them with the baby.

So be patient before showing off at the local park. Otherwise, order some nicely done on Etsy and  you could still pretend that you made them as you now know how they could be hand-made !

Cordialement bisous.


4 thoughts on “Minty Wendy DIY Baby Swaddle

  1. Mais c’est chouettos ce petit blog! Même en étant une quiche in english les tutos ont l’air plutôt easy..

    Ca sent bon le frais toute cette menthe <3

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