Minty Home-Made Soap.

Inserting color touch in your home decor by creating your own soap  could be a good idea.


Ingredients :

You need :

  • A measuring cup that goes in the microwave
  • A chopstick to stir
  • A silicone mold (I used one for ice cubes)

I was looking for a scale to weight my  soap base and was very pleased to discover that our big food scale was Mint!

finding old mint items

So put the Soap Base in a microwavable measuring cup that you would have cut in small cubes (to facilitate the melting process).

I followed recommendations that I have find online and only did 30sec per 30 sec as apparently if the soap base starts cooking, the soap is ruined!

Once melted, I added some poppy seeds to add a good scrub effect to my soap.poppy seedI add the coloring I want for my soap (don’t forget to stir in between)

Green color

Contrary to the candle’s process, there will be no color alteration between the making of the soap and the end result.Blue color

Once you are finished with the color, add the essential oil. Don’t add it at the beginning as there is a higher risk of evaporation due to the temperature of the soap base.


If you don’t have a silicone mold, you can use Ice cube tray as I did and remove the soap with a knife once they are dry.

ice cube

Soap can add a nice touch of color in your home (Kitchen and Bathroom mainly).

Hand made
Kitchen Color Addition

Minty soap2

And if you are like me, you probably added too much essential oil, and now have a lovely smell in both places.

I have also done some green soap that strongly smell of mint (a bit too much to be honest, so make sure that you add additional drops of essential oil only with soft smells) Soaps3

Cordialement bisous


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