The Tiny Color Details – a cheap deco tip for neutral color rooms.

As a person who is color obsessed, I have learned a big lesson, have a neutral base, and works with little touch of color. That is probably how I ended up liking white and grey so much in the first place. Those two “colors” are a perfect base to have fun with colors.

Should your environment be already very colorful, it would be hard to have a color outstanding in the mess. So if you change your favorite color, following a trend or a stage of your life, you can do it with the accessories, and so you don’t have to redo the whole house.

On this basis, I like the idea of updating your interior with little touches of color that you can easily modify with your mood without costing an arm and a leg.

I took the example of our second floor toilets in Corsica. The room as been painted in white recently, leaving the terrible yellowish that use to be on the walls.

I have used small color details, using for example the soap I made as a DIY project and that you can find on this blog;

Minty soap2
But also three simple little bottles that I have filled with water, essential oil and coloring.

closed vase

I happened to have small bottles with little birds on them, but you don’t have to have bottles with too much details, you can use large glass bottles, or mason jars, or even small milk bottles would do the trick!

For once, I even used other colors than mint!

The coloring bases I used are the same as the one I used for the soap bought on Amazon. You can also use Food coloring that you can easily find in your local shop. Remember, mixing colors get you a bigger range!

blue makingblue pouring

yellow making yellow pouring

The all idea is that you could re-use the same little deco, to change the color ambiance in a neutral room on a regular basis.


As a consequence, you don’t have to paint your bottles in a specific color or buy several bottles.

I love toilets for decoration purposes. I never realised the potential of the room until I went to several flat of a same friend of mine that use to have grass on the ceiling with daisies, or a whole solar system turning around a big ultraviolet planet that was the main toilets light. That’s when I realised that having plain toilets was a massive waste of space when you could have a full thematic in it.

In my Parisian flat, the theme is the Tower Bridge and so you can see pictures of the bridge itself, but also a big pot of Marmite, a can of Pim’s, a garland pennants of mini Union Jacks…

Anyway, my point is, with little cheap tricks, you can add colour details on a neutral basis that will make a small difference.

blue birds yellow you

As a bonus, don’t forget that you can add color in your vase. Try to use food coloring instead of soap coloring! But be aware that the flower might end-up changing color as well (at least the Breath flowers also called Gypsophila did)

color your vase


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