Little Clouds on Wall

When we started thinking  about the nursery I wanted something White, Grey and Mint obviously, but I also wanted to have a cocoon feeling for Wendy.

Clouds on wall

So we went for Clouds on Wall. I started by asking a friend of mine to model Monkey Island Clouds. I have been a big fan of Monkey Island as a teenager and I thought they were so beautiful that I wanted some on the nursery walls, but I could not find them anywhere. So Guillaume Boit has created them for me.

If you have not seen what a Monkey Island Cloud looks like, I am refering to the one from the Curse of the Monkey Island :


And this is the beautiful Clouds he has created :

triple clouds

monkey Island Cloud

Of course, I can’t do anything without over doing it, so as you can see, I also bought a cloud mobile that I have found at my favourite shop for baby stuff : The White Company (and yes, I also bought the Cloud blankett if you may ask)

Anyway, the point of this post is to show you how I tried, failed, and finally managed to get cloud cushions on the wall.

So at the time The White Company was not selling those, otherwise I would have bought them, so instead, I bought these ones from Amazon.

I started by sewing a little piece of string to attach it on a nail, but the cloud looked all dangling. So my husband suggested to sew velcro bands.gorgeous wooden wall hook made by Don Tait and found on Etsy The guy is one clever bitch. It worked perfectly, but even better with two pieces due to the asymetrical shape of the cloud.


I then nailed pieces of velcro on two seperate places to make sure that the cloud was as flat on the wall as possible.

Nailed it

I was expecting them to drop at one point on the floor, but they did not. The nail I used is the smallest I could find so my wall is not even ruined by it… contrary to the hole done by my father whilst installing those gorgeous wooden wall hook made by Don Tait and found on Etsy. Yes, I mean the hole by the pink dress but my dad has put a Stimorol Chewing gum type of plaster in it now so we are all good.

clouds everyeffingwhere

Cordialement Bisous


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