The Do’s and Don’ts with artificial plants

I really love the effect a room produces when it’s full of plants. This is no surprise as I am a massive fan of Greenhouses and Winter Gardens.

We even almost got married in the greenhouses of Kew Gardens in Richmond, UK.
Wedding at the Kew Gardens

Unfortunately, we cannot all keep beautiful plants alive in our house (mainly because you need skills), and some simple beautiful plants (such as ivy) can also be dangerous for little Internet, the Corgi girl that eats probably everything as long as it is not this stupid dry dog food.

So here is a little guide to what you can do with artificial plants to make it work in your home.


Keep your artificial plant in harmony with the rest of the house style. This picture, for example is the entrance of Wendy’s bedroom with two frames with natural stabilised moss in it, in the shape of Cloud which fits with the nursery theme as described in a previous post.



Try to keep it as simple as possible but make sure that you buy quality products. When purchasing a quality artificial plant, you might think that it is expensive, but if you pick quality, it is likely to last longer and in the long term you’ll save money compared to real ones that will eventually die and need to be replaced (assuming you are as good as me).

I recommend Sia, a brand that will offer a large range of beautiful artificial plant.

make it simple

I bought this ivy on Amazon, sold by Sia.

Mix with light

As you can see I bought several of those and put them in different places in my house. What I like about this ivy is that it looks realistic and can be placed and twisted to make it look even more alive. It also allows me to play with lamps and make them wind around a light garland. Make sure it’s LED to avoid any fire hazard!

Mix with lights

Mix with real plants

Especially if you are going for something big or spectacular. Mixing it with real plant that are low maintenance make it all confusing. Here we’ve added lucky bamboo in a large glass pot full of sand and water, and added Sia artificial plants. Obviously the metal rods are completely ruined and rusty by the bamboo watering, but you cannot see it as it is hidden in the sand.

Mix with real plants


The advantages of an artificial plant is that you can treat it badly, it will not take a revenge on you, so don’t hesitate to play with it. Here is a hat. With a bulb. Yep. A Hat.

Accessorise it


Don’t let the artificial plant be too easy to access to, otherwise it will kind of ruin the expected effect. This rule works especially for small plants which are often just a small touch of green here and there in your house.



Don’t hesitate to create little plants arrangement with your artificial plants. As there are no roots or other needs of particular placement, the advantage of artificial plants is that you can mix and match them and add the plant arrangement in a place where real plants would not survive due to the lack of light.

plant arrangement

The Big don’t


For artificial plants to work they need to be as realistic as possible. It means that Mint tree trunk with Orange Pink leaves will just looks weird, even if it is the color of your room.

It is the same rule that applies in cooking and that I don’t follow with my Minty cakes. No natural flavour looks like this, and that’s why naturally everyone but a kid would hesitate to taste it.

Dad's Breakfast

Too big

It’s best if you go for small pieces of artificial plants. Big is not always beautiful. Also, make sure that you keep the artificial plant as clean as possible. They are a real dust catcher.

For example, this garland in my bedroom looked great online during Christmas time, but in the end, it is the biggest dust magnet I have ever seen and it looks too big. Moreover this is the only place I have found where it kind of fits instead of just eats the space.

too big

“Winter is coming”, and our balconies or gardens are about to look quite sad, so have fun with artificial plants, but don’t forget to grow low maintenance plants to bring some life in your interior.

Cordialement Bisous.


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