Kitchen Update – Cheap, easy DIY.

When we moved in our small flat, I had plenty of ideas, a lot involved breaking walls, opening the space, and changing the bathroom (you’ll never see pictures of the bathroom here until it’s done) the red carpet in the bedroom and changing the kitchen.


Well, obviously, this never took place in the first year so first advice, if there is any major work you want done, do it before entering the premises, otherwise everything is much more complicated.

For example, we’ve had millions of opportunities to redo the bathroom, but it involves finding a new place for showers for a couple of weeks, and when we were two, it was complicated, but now with Wendy it’s a big no-no!

But one of the thing I managed to do was to update our kitchen. At the beginning, I wanted to re-do everything, spending all my money on kitchen cupboards. My all 100 euros, but apparently it was not enough to even buy the door knobs I was interested in.

So I went to the local DIY shop, and bought some painting. I won’t detail which paint I bought because it’s a French brand, and I know nothing about paint, but the main thing is that it cost me 100 euros for the paint, the plastic sheets for the floor and the tape to cover the door knobs (that I had to keep).

During 3

I did not remove the doors, I did not sand the doors, I did not do anything complicated, I am too busy for that sh*t.


The whole point of this post is to show that with minimum skills and 100 euros, you can update a kitchen in two days (drying time).

And remember, always go for basic neutral colors, only add the colors in details.

after2 Kitchen Update

And if you are wondering, yes, I still managed to put paint on the kitchen knobs and few drops on the floor…

Cordialement bisous


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