The White Company, our favourite brand in the world!

In this post about clouds on walls, we mentioned to you that The White Company was our favourite brand for baby stuff, well actually, it’s our favourite brand for Mummy stuff as well. Also quite loved for home stuff….OK! This is our favourite Brand in the world.

Our bedsheet, pillows, duvets are from The White Company.

our bedroom1

My Bag, Jeans, White Tops, Cardigans, Pyjamas and Robes are The White Company.

mum's bag

Our Blanket, nursery bed linen, soft rabbits, baby boots, onesies, pyjamas, jumpers are from there too.

perfect blanket little fav

1st day going to the nursery IMG_20150918_214801

And, our home perfumes are from The White Company.


So the day, your favourite brand take one of your picture from your Instagram account and make an interpretation of our special moment into a drawing for one of their store.window back in London…

MintyWendy sur Instagram  Bad weather deserves cuteness too! #thewhitecompany #baby #babyshoes #babyboots #mum #mumlife #lifestyle

The White Company (@TheWhiteCompany) Twitter - Google Chrome

Well, even if you know that it is all about marketing, and stuff, it still feels just like the cool guy of the school mentioned your name in a speech in front of all your classmates.

So thank you The White Company for creating such a cool brand, and thank you for making me feel special for one day :)

Cordialement Bisous,


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