On the importance of Light – The outdoor part 1

In every house I have lived in, making sure that the lighting was right has always been a big part of the setting.

It’s even more important on the outdoor that completely disappear once the night has come, when you can create a full new scenery from outside your windows.

In my parent’s house in Corsica, they never really had any lights in the gardens, mainly because we’ve had the town light illuminating the terrace. But as I was to stay for two months there, I decided to buy two little additions to the garden, for my own pleasure.

My first criteria was something solar, so no action was needed from my parents, and the light life would not depend on batteries that would be forgotten.

Corgi curiosity

The second criteria, was that the light needed to be warm, and not white as the ambiance is completely different depending on this.

White light

You can see that white light is perfect to illuminate, but not as good to create an ambiance.

warm light

Finally, the last criteria was that it should not be expensive as my parents might not have liked that I invade their garden, so better not spend loads.

So I bought those beautiful Solar Bamboo Garden Torches from light4fun that we’ve installed in the middle of lavender and rosemary plants. One of the light had a default, and light4fun sent us a new set which was very much appreciated.

I also bought a very long garland with little fairy lights (100 warm white lights) to decorate the olive tree that was planted in the garden for the birth of my little nephew.

let's decorate

Yes, Internet has decided to relieve herself whilst I was taking a picture, and I did not feel like cutting her out of the shot.

So I oriented the solar system correctly (not that hard in Corsica) and twisted the wire all the way up the trunk then around the branches.

wire round

The idea is to have a discreet light during day time …

discreet wire

That would reveal its magic at nightfall.

night light1

This simple additions changed the face of our garden at night, for only a few euros.

In the next post, I’ll show you our nice lights on our Parisian balcony.

Cordialement Bisous


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