I <3 Artichokes – First Automn Meal – Simple Tasty Vegetables

You are going to think that you don’t need no help to know how to Artichokes. You poor fool…You have no idea how correct you are!

And YET! I really want to tell you the MintyWendy way of doing Artichokes.


This is by far my favourtie meal in the world.

Whilst I was pregnant, a restaurant by my office in Boulevard Haussmann had Artichokes as a starter, and cooked them exactly like I do. I went eating there every single day of the artichokes week. With one for starter and one as a main.

They were not even taking my order anymore, just lifting a hand indicating 2 with their fingers and eyebrows up to personify the question mark? And I would only nod with full excitement, every single day. I was making an effort to have a different partner for lunch every day, but I was not ashamed to go there several times with the same person. I was pregnant…I had an excuse…

Let’s cook those babies. So start by removing the stem. It’s useless.

do dont

Cut those beauties in two parts so you can enjoy the artichokes delicate anatomy. Thorns. Petals. Heart Choke….Well you actually open it so it cooks better and faster.


Put everything in your pressure cooker that you will have filled with salty water till the bottom of its basket.


Steam it for at least one hour. I know my UK friends, you like your vegetables crunchy and crispy. Well don’t, unless you are buying the small purple one and intend to have them with just a sprinkling of salt…steam the life out of them.

leave it

I recommend that you open a window to get rid of the strong smell that will ruin your interior. (Still completely worth it) and make sure you direct the steam valve so it does not project smelly steam straight onto your walls.

In the meantime, prepare your sauce.

Ingredients :

  • 3 table spoon of olive oil
  • 1.5 table spoon of velvet Balsamic vinegar
  • 1.5 table spoon of mustard (I went for the “old school” one)
  • herbs


Mix it all to obtain a thick sauce that will embrace the taste of the artichokes.


Once you stop your steamer and have removed all the steam, serve your artichokes, still hot with the fresh vinaigrette.

Dip every single petal in the sauce before enjoying the perfectly cooked artichoke bottom.


This is going to be so soft and delicious that it will probably make you forget about all the farting you’ll be doing the day after this meal from heaven.

Cordialement bisous


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