On the importance of Light – The outdoor part 2 – the Balcony

In the Paris area, it is very rare to find a house or an apartement with a garden. Only the lucky few can afford it.

The other less-lucky-but-still-lucky enjoy a balcony where they try to recreate a nice ambiance with little tomatoes and strawberries, a table with 2 chairs, few pots of flowers….Well, at least that’s what we’ve tried to do.

tete a tete

My husband even decided to go for a fake grass carpet on our balcony. I had my doubts about it, but my little feet and Internet the corgi girl ended-up being quite pleased with this choice.

The view from our balcony is not that bad, behind this big tower is La Tour Eiffel, so I can see at night this big lighthouse light browsing in the sky. And this big metallic building reflects the lights from the sun, so if I don’t have a sun directly towards us, I enjoy its reflexion.

It’s likely that your balcony is already polluted by the city lights, or the ones coming out of your own windows, so the idea is not to bright up the outside, but to delimit the space with lights so you forget about your neighbour & your vis-à-vis to get this cocoon effect.

When the night comes2

I have used the same little fairy lights on my balcony rail, as I had on the olive tree back in Corsica. It’s discreet during daytime, but works perfectly at night. It is also Solar Powered, so I don’t have to switch it on at night, or more importantly, I don’t have to remember to switch it on to enjoy it so I get pleasantly surprised in the evening when it switch on itself.


I have also bought from Lights4fun those little White Chinese Lantern Solar Lights that are warm white as well and gives a really cosy effect.

little lights

Little lights might not be enough to give a complete cocooning feeling. You also need to add comfort and identity to your balcony to be sure that you will want to stay on it (even though you don’t smoke anymore).

I suggest that you add nice enjoyable seats and some candles that will give you a feeling of movement, with their dancing flames, Don’t hesitate to add few of them, and protect them against the wind and your clumsiness by a lantern.

balcony comfy

Lanterns are one of my favourite decoration items.

I had to buy several for our wedding that you will find on this balcony; but of course I had the chance to be renting most of them from our Wedding Planner as 30 lanterns on a balcony looks a little bit overcrowded….. Even for me!.

my little lanterns

Some Lanterns were bought from another of my favourite homeware company named CoxAndCox , such as this beautiful tea-light candle holder in the shape of a Star.

Balcony light

We even kept our dead Olive Tree for the sake of having a place to hang it. (Well, according to my husband, it is not dead, it’s resting…awaiting to rise like a Phoenix from its own ……dried trunk)..


But my last marvellous lamp, which I also bought from Cox&Cox is a new light in the colour that I would normally affectionate, meaning bright white, but I could not resist this Lace Light.

And to be fair, this lamp works perfectly in White. A good exception to confirm your rule :)

My lace light

It is battery powered and cleverly conceived to hang it anywhere you want. This would work even better on a big tree in a middle of large garden, where you would not expect electricity.

my new beauty

The delicate lace also works nicely as it is an unexpected outdoor item. Hope you like it as much as I do!


Cordialement Bisous


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