Wendy’s first exhibition: Anish Kapoor

Yesterday we decided to go on train trip to Versailles to enjoy the beautiful sun and see the Anish Kapoor Exhibition in the Gardens of Le Chateau de Versailles.

Getting Ready for papa
Ready to enjoy the sunny fresh air of October

I have been a massive fan of Anish Kapoor ever since I went to see his work back in 2009 at the Royal Academy of Art.

 (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

It was the first time I ever fell in love with the work of an artist. It was completely different from what I had seen before and I got addicted to his rounded twisted vision of the world.

I obviously got a bit obsessed with it and my husband followed this obsession, offering me this beautiful book.


I searched the internet to find something that Anish Kapoor had designed and found those beautiful little coffee cup by illy

Anish Kapoor - illy

“What do I see when I look into a hole?” Anish Kapoor has played around with the illy cup and subverted its use: by placing the platinum saucer with the hole in the centre on the top, the flickering reflections become form and touch on themes such as doubt, ambivalence, error, mystery, surprise and the desire to understand.

And Finally, for my 30’s birthday, I have been very lucky to receive from my husband-to-be a ring designed by Anish Kapoor for Bulgari called the b.zero.1 that I adore especially as it is also the first ring I received from him.

Anish Kapoor - Bulgary

So obviously, when I heard that the artist that I was so in love with had made an exhibition that I could access in a 30 minutes train trip, I decided to go with Baby Wendy.

I am very pleased to know that it would be the very first art exhibition she’s ever been to!

Wendy in the jardins

Well, it’s actually the first exhibition she has ever slept through…

Anish Kapoor 2

Anish Kapoor glory

And once again, I was not disappointed. Anish Kapoor’s work is Simple, Efficient and Beautiful.

Dirty Corner

We then went for a small walk in the gardens. Well, I walked, she just laid there, in her stroller.

Alice in Wonderland feeling

The Jardin du château de Versailles is a good place for walks, even though you’ll need some strength to push that stroller in the small gravel. Don’t forget to get a bottle of water and some good shoes! The gardens access are free of charge, except for the days when you have the fountain shows, so don’t bother queueing on the left should you want to only see the outside.

Mum asking for a refill

Anish Kapoor exhibition will remain visible till the 1st of November 2015.

Cordialement Bisous


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