Christmas Presents Ideas – Part 1 – The kids edition

Yes, We are beginning  of October, it is far too early to think about Christmas, right?

Well, not sure, and here are few reasons why :

1/ Most retailers make all their profits during the last months of the year. It means that the financial risk is concentrated onto one month. In order to reduce this financial risk, a lot of retailers would prefer organising sales in between now and December to spread the risk.

2/ You need to think of a list of presents during the whole year, and not simply offer something “that he might like” when the occasion arrives. A key to a good present is to listen to the person and surprise them by remembering that they mentioned something they like. So preparing your list does not mean that you buy it now.

3/ Some presents cannot benefit from an express delivery, especially if you decide to go for something different from what you can find everywhere.

You’ll find below a mix of ideas for babies and children

The book made from your child name. This book is beautiful with colorful pictures which are personalised based on the name and gender if your kid. This London-based company ship worldwide and offer these books in English, French, Spanish, German, Nederlands, Italian and Portuguese.


I have received 3 discount cards with codes for a 15% off the purchase price. Contact me should you want to benefit from them (I have them simply because I just made the purchase as a present for bilingual twins)

The Butterfly in a Jar. You would probably think that it will be quite cheap looking, well it is not, the trick works! I use to have this butterfly on my desk at work, in “random” position which made the  butterfly fly as soon as it will hear a sound.


A soft book with the pictures of the whole family. You can find quite a lot of books on Amazon or other small shop dedicated to children where you would insert printed pictures, but this one is, in my opinion, the most beautiful one of the market at the moment. The quality is visible and I know it will last for a very long time. I know that I might sound a bit like captain obvious but take the time to choose “beautiful pictures” and not just “pictures” of the family members. The book will be as pretty as you make it, so take the time to make it.

soft book

The mandatory White Rabbit Night Light. I had four of them even before having children; They are a nice and simple accessory to your interior and a must-have in a children’s room, especially considering the price. (less than 10 euros)must have rabbit

Whilst we are on the rabbit family, go and have a look at the Bunny Family from Jellycat – London. They are so soft, so beautiful and so easy to grab and manipulate for a baby. The tiny one is a must have as it will fit in stroller or the mother handbag to be always prepared for the unexpected.


Another inexpensive idea, yet pleasant for the parents who like designer toys, the PLUÏ by Moluk. This is actually a bath toy or, as described by the seller : Plui is a charming bath toy that playfully teaches children some basic physical principles; Immerse it in water to fill up and then let it rain; The magic lies in the way you can stop the rain simply by closing the hole on top with a finger; Plui gently introduces babies and toddlers to water while stimulating their imagination and senses


This adorable pillow to decorate the room of a kid or a baby. This is handmade by Avital who is one adorable lady that even sent me some presents when she got informed that I received this pillow the very day Wendy was born.


I was going to suggest this gorgeous Polar Bear Head from Cox & Cox but they do not sell them anymore.

Polar bear head2

It does not change the fact that I would recommend a little companion head on the wall. You can go for the Plush Trophy head, or if you feel like offering a “poisonous” present, you can go for the paper origami one that the parent of the child will have to do. I personally bought this gorgeous one which is still awaiting to have more than its hear glued.

polar bear

Finally, a good idea from Cox&Cox which is presently on sale the Astronaut, Princess and Ballerina duvet. They use to have the Pirate one that I have tested with my Nephew who was 4 and a half at the time and I can confirm that it works and it highly pleased him.

princess_print_duvet_set_c-prinduv_2 ballerina_print_duvet_c-balleduv

astronaut_duvet_114 pirat

Those are a few suggestions that I hope you will like. Next time we will come with suggestions for adults.

Cordialement Bisous


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