My Ibride Ming Vase in pictures.

For our wedding, we received as a present a gorgeous tray from that famous french brand Ibride.

bird lovers

The first time I saw their work was in the Liberty shop, one of the coolest shop in London where I also discovered the wonderful Rory Dobner, and where my husband fell in love with Omersa ; I will probably introduce both to you through a futur post with the lovely pieces we have at home.

But let’s carry on with Ibride. The wonderful friend  who offered me the tray also informed me of their new deco marvellous object : their faux-semblants.

It’s a Collection of beautiful tableware which consists of a selection of arty plates and bowls that stack into each other, forming a lovely vase.

And so as a compulsive buyer I bought one.

Ming vase1

I went for the Ming Model, for its color and its shape that I’ll introduce here in picture.

Ming0 Ming1 ming4 Ming6

starring in your soul MONG3 Ming3 ming33


And because I have other things to do than washing my dishes by hand, this marvellous tableware is dishwasher safe!

Cordialement Bisous


3 thoughts on “My Ibride Ming Vase in pictures.

  1. I love their portraits…guess which one I bought (hint: I’m fond of cats and I used to play piano).

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