Pic of the day : from Versailles with Love

Today is Wendy 1/2 Birthday.

Wendy is 6

I won’t bother you with a long post about how she changed my life, or  how her smile creates fireworks in my heart, and how the delicate touch of her hand on my cheek  makes me feel like the most blessed person in the world.

I’ll simply share the songs we danced to this morning to celebrate the 6 months she’s been in our life (before she vomited on my jumper from the excessive cool mum moves I did).

Aaaaaand instead of spending the day with baby Wendy, I went for an emergency dentist meeting in Versailles.

I arrived an hour earlier thanks to my super-power to arrive far too early to all my meetings…

Well this time, it was so early that I managed to do something out of it  as I decided to go next door to the hairdresser and so I got a small haircut that was *slightly* overdue as you can see on this picture (last one was 9 months ago…)


And so I had this unexpected pampering moment. A celebration for the mum.


I then proceeded to go to the dentist only 10 minutes early, enough for me to take few pictures on my way there.

la plus belle baptiste du canton
This is my favourite house in Versailles. For some reason I find it very mysterious.

La paroisse

Staircase to teethland

would you care for a mint

So, me and my mate the big Jaw, we wish you a wonderful Weekend!

Cordialement Bisous


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