Storm Thorgerson : A genius graphic designer and photographer, with good friends

You might not know the name of Storm Thorgerson but you know his work, especially if like me you grew up with the Pink Floyd,

The Pink floyd
Representation of Storms Album Covers for the Pink Floyd

or if you grew up with Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Houses of the Holy

..or Muse


or The Cranberries

and so many more…

In 2009 I had the chance to meet this wonderful artist during his exhibition called Taken by Storm that was held in the OXO Gallery, back in London.

2009-05-28 18.44.45

I felt very lucky to live this encounter as Storm really took the time to speak with me to discuss his work but also took the time to laugh and exchange in all simplicity about his wonderful work.

2009-05-28 18.44.29

And it is on this occasion that I bought two of his beautiful artworks, one for my father and one for myself.


The one I chose for my father is called Enormosound – Healing Sixes, another cover album.

We debated with Storm about the meaning of this picture. For me, it represented a father, carrying the weight of his family, bending but not falling, when for Storm, it was representing the moment just before the crash.

Healing SixesAs for me, I went for a classic one with the picture of the Pink Floyd’s DVD – Pulse.

Storm Pulse DVD

This image represents for me the pleasure of this encounter and the pleasure of listening to the Pink Floyd music that we shared with my father every Sunday Morning during my childhood.


I really invite you to take the time to discover his work which takes you in such a sureal and pleasant world, and here is a little sample.


Animals dance image MarsVolta storm2 Storm-Thorgerson sheep storm-thorgerson-onionn try anithing once


empty bed Delicate division oh by the way



Cordialement Bisous


3 thoughts on “Storm Thorgerson : A genius graphic designer and photographer, with good friends

  1. There were also the neighbours who had to listen to Pink Floyd on Sunday morning and who would probably have preferred that we remain “on the dark side of the moon ” Bappu

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