Hand-Stamped Leggings

Following the experience I had with hand stamped baby saddle, I decided to try with little leggings for baby Wendy.

I bought some leggings I have found on Amazon for 5 euros and some from Gap.

There is no point in giving you the exact same instructions as the one from the previous post, so I invite you to simply re-use the previous post for the How-to.

My only new advice is to prefer an ink made for textile and fabric instead of the Color Box ink pad made for paper.

Even if the result looks better before washing the leggings, the ink fades away after washing it for the first time, which is quite disappointing. Also, it’s not made for it, so I won’t blame the ink itself.

What you will need to buy: 

What you will need to have : 

  • Time
  • An Iron
  • A Tea towel







If you can’t find the stamp you want in order to customize your leggings, don’t forget the potato stamp trick!

potato Stamp2

Remember, your baby won’t remember how you dressed him/her as a baby, and soon she/he will be in a phase when she only accept to get dressed as Frozen or will request to wear only pink pink pink and pink…..so in the meantime have fun & be creative !

Cordialement Bisous


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