My Little Light Box

I discovered on Instagram A Little Lovely Company which is a home decor and party decor shop based in the Netherlands.

The work of Judith de Ruijter & Nikki Hateley, the founders, is mainly known for their little banners or their beautiful little ice-cream lamp.


Their last wonderful product is the Little Lovely Lightbox offered in A5 or A4 and which will remind you of Cinema Signs such as the one of the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square.

Picture I took back in october 2010

So, I ordered my A4 Lightbox online and received it 2 days later.

my box

I also ordered the additional Symbols and Letters to make the most out of our Light Box.

back of box

You need to know that there will be no adapter included in the box, even if the lightbox has the socket ready should you want to use the light plugged in, instead of using the AA batteries.

so many letterss

The way it works is quite simple, you slide the letters on the row lines and ….well that’s about it.


I will probably use the lightbox to leave little message to my husband, but also to take the monthly pictures of Wendy growing up.

I heart Wendy

She already seems to like it, probably  because of its brightness :)

Another person who will like it a lot is my husband who surely appreciated the idea of getting messages of love when coming back home after a long day at work.


Cordialement Bisous


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