Our Brand New Little Shop : The Place for Casual Chic Chewable Jewellery

This is it! I have decided to try my luck with creativity and embrace this new adventure of being home and taking some time to open a small shop MintyWendy.

I am petrified at the idea that in order for this shop to work, people need to like what I do! It is a bit like going back to school when you need to be liked by the others to feel happy. So you stop being yourself, or your over do one thing that people like,

My first rule will be : I shall sell things I like, so I am truthful to myself. This is probably the rule that will ruin it all, but at the same time, this is what little shops such as Etsy or A Little Market are about, aren’t they? And so, to start, I will only sell products in Mint, White and Grey!

THe Wendy2

Second Rule will be : It shall not distract me too much from my real mission : taking care of Wendy till she goes to the Kindergarden.

baby teething2

Third Rule : It shall be fun! And I got very much excited when ordering the beads, Even more when receiving them, and when I sat opposite my husband on our long 8 seater table, each on one side, him working on his computer, me creating some necklaces whilst Wendy was sleeping, it got all fun fun & Fun!


Next steps :

  • Making sure that I have beautiful pictures so people can see the creations from everywhere in the world (thank you internet), and maybe even convince you that my necklaces don’t even need a baby in your arm to be worn
  • Woking on the packaging – I can’t send beautiful MintyWendy Casual Chic Chewable necklace without a nice packaging!
  • Making sure that we have instructions in a nice format as I want to be sure that people carefully read them and make sure that the necklace is given to the baby only under adult supervision!
  • Create more MintyWendy necklaces so people can find the one that corresponds to them.

I will obviously keep you posted to share my updates onour journey!

You can find the MintyWendy “creations” here :



Come and visit us, and if you know of a mum to be, or a mum who is, don’t hesitate to contact us for a teething jewell, we’ll be very pleased (and so proud) to help!

And as a thank you gesture for following us and our blog, please find a discount code for 10% on your purchase on Etsy and which will be valid for a month : 10BLOGFOLLOWERS

Cordialement Bisous


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