Minty Vietnamese Spring-rolls!

Few days ago, I went to @marinstagramie’s house to prepare some Spring rolls, and I was even allowed to color some vermicellis.


She kindly accepted to share her recipe that you’ll find below.

You’ll need :

  • Rice paper
  • Cooked and cold Rice Vermicelli (put the coloring in the cooking water!)
  • Cooked and cold Shrimps cut in half
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Fresh Mint
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Fresh soybean sprouts
  • Hoisin Sauce
  • Peanuts


So instead of describing every step, it will be easier if I show you how to fill in your rice paper with a step by step (ouh baby!) pictures :

Start by having your rice vermicelli and shrimps cooked and cooled down.

Shrimp0 minty2

Then the fun begins!

Softening the rice paper in boiling water by turning it like a good vinyl making sure that the whole surface is wet.


Place your rice paper on a clean wet tea-towel.


Then place all your elements one by one at the 3/4 level of your rice paper

shrimp2 salad Mint


noodles Soja peanuts

I personally add some hoisin sauce and peanuts inside my spring-roll!

cucumber and oisin

Fold the bottom of paper rice up to come wrap the whole garnishing.


Then fold both sides.



Then go all the way up.roll

Et Voilà!

All you need now is some Hoisin Sauce with Peanuts !


et voila

Cordialement Bisous,


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