Before & After – babyproofing our livingroom

I did not realise when Wendy arrived in our life that we would have to change our home decoration to fit the life changing event that was her arrival.

So basically, this is what our TV-Wall looked-like in september 2014, just after our wedding, you can spot some honey jar on the left. For your information, I got pregnant about 20 days following our big day…

out of wedding

Nine Months after our wedding, Wendy arrived, and she did not arrive on her own….she came with a stroller (actually, she came with 2), a high chair, a small chair, 2 play mats, 112 toys….

In the end, the living room started looking like that on a “tidy” day :

wendy has arrived

So we decided that it was time to have more space storage and less deco.

The question was : which decorated wall shall we keep in between the black frame wall, and the Rory Dobner plates.

Obviously Rory won and the black frame wall is no more,  it has been “dismantled”…

However the gorgeous picture of Dani Garreton, Jacques, has already found a new place in the hallway together with the London Map and the crazy “cordyceps” by Nina Bahsoun.



And so a talented carpenter called Julien came with wood and tools, and created a piece of furniture, bits by bits.

He arrived just on time as Wendy discovered the ability of crawling around, making us realise that not only we needed storage but also babyproofing our house.

Once built, all we needed was to paint it in white so it could disappear in the walls!

I considered doing it by myself, but then I realised that it was a bit too ambitious, as it needed a bit more than just covering  the wood with paint.

And so a team of competent painters did it in two days.


We are very pleased with the result, and we are hoping that Wendy will not discover how to open doors just yet!



Cordialement Bisous





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