Bloomingville Mini -Lovely Toys for Babies

We are all big fans of Bloomingville, and their beautiful simple designs from Denmark with their soft pastels colors.

The very first item I got from Bloomingville was this three little concrete houses


With their sleek designs, these small items are simple but efficient.


They are also famous for their geometric vase (they even have a Mint version!) that are minimalist but beautiful enough to be displayed without flowers.

With the arrival of Wendy I discovered their brand Bloomingville Mini which will be the sponsor of her first Christmas as she is about to receive at least 4 presents from this brand.


The fact that she does not know what Christmas is just yet, allows me to show you a sneak peek of what she will receive in 12 days.


Her godfather’s Santa has brought the Activity Toy in Mint White and Grey.


When Mummy and Daddy’s Santa are offering a little Pull Along Train.

On her list, she also had a gorgeous little Puzzle and her first little Mug. Let’s hope Santa will see how nice she’s been so far!

Keep in mind that these toys are quite expensive. Otherwise I would have bought them all.

So sometimes, you need to find alternative, such as the lovely Mint Treasure Bag that you can find at 79 euros has find a Coral substitution in Hema for 10 euros

But, I still have my eyes on the intelligence box that I’ll probably buy for her first birthday!

I hope Santa will be as generous with you as he is about to be with Little Wendy!



Cordialement Bisous


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