Wait! What? When did I start liking crochet?

Yesterday we received the adorable crochet Pear that I ordered from Sedef, the artist behind Down Grapevine Lane.

When Wendy started playing with it (under adult supervision, of course), I thought “wow, first time I like something in crochet”

P1120011 (2).jpg

Then I looked down and realised that, actually, there are quite a lot of things that I have in crochet without realising that I like this style.

P1120002 (2).jpg

For some obvious reason, I have to admit that I thought that there might be a risk of a granny style, and my husband is in agreement with regards to those warm slippers from last year season (hence the lost pompom that was attacked by Internet the Corgi girl) with this year reedition already sold out.

P1120007 (2).jpg

But actually….I thing it gives more of a cosy style, depending on the shapes, colours and piece of cloth.

I am not sure an orange crochet trousers would give a cosy look, for example….ok, I need to google it now…aaaaaand I confirm, this does not look cosy, but you can still buy the pattern if you want!)

P1120014 (2).jpg

I actually intend to learn crochet in 2016 to make my own over-sized white scarves. (I hope that in a year time I won’t be reading this sentence thinking : Damn, I failed)

I was very impressed when Marie, the one who made the little Mint Hoodie for Wendy to wear on top of her helmet, finished the hat as she was having a drink in our home. It looked so effortless, but I can only imagine the hours it takes to reach that level of crochet coolness.

Finally, as I walked around our house, I realised that I also already included crochet into our interior, with elements that were already shown on this website.

Crochet can be very lovely in interior design, whether it is as a bedding element from The White Company….

…or as a crochet ottoman


And, of course,  I cannot talk about crochet, without mentioning our favourite, the Totoro hat from AmiAmigos.

little fav

So, in the end, Wendy’s little Mint Pear is certainly not the first crochet item of the house, and it might not be the last one either!

pear 1

Cordialement Bisous,


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