Simple & Easy DIY project : Marble Clock

So, I had a wall clock that I did not like anymore, but when we removed it from the wall when we updated the living-room, we realised how usueful it had been this whole time.

I decided to update it and did a massive fail with some grey paint and a bad brush.

It ended-up looking like a 4 years old job, so I tried to remove the paint with a sponge….

Of course, it got even worst!

P1120221 (3).jpg

I had to do something, I was not going to give up on this clock !

So I bought a DIY kit that included the following  :

P1120221 (2)

I started by removing the hands of the clock to cover the complete surface of the clock.

I cut with the scissors the adhesive film to cover the full clock, forming a square, and before peeling off the back of the adhesive, I cut a cross with the pen cutter  where the hole of the hand of the clock is located.

P1120222 (2)

I then added a piece of cardboard under, to protect my table, and cut around the outline of the clock.

And Tada!

My ugly clock is now a cool trendy one; “updated” with love !

P1120226 (2)

Cordialement bisous,




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