DIY Customized Wooden Kitchen Tools

So, we all have wooden cooking tools that look nice, but nothing special. As you know, you cannot put wooden stuff in the dishwasher, so everything has to be washed by hand anyway, so why not upgrade everything in a really easy manner and with few simple things?


What you will need :

Most of my ingredients come from a kit done by the wonderful Prêtàcréer and this is not the last DIY kit they do I’ll be testing, so follow us if you want more!

First step : Create your color



Take a small ramekin and mix your colors.

Once you have done so, use the masking tape to mark off the part where you want the paint to stop, to have a clear delimitation.


If you don’t trust yourself then double the masking tape.

Then start painting. Don’t worry about painting over the masking tape, I know it sounds obvious, but when I started painting, I naturally stopped where the tape was. Don’t.


You can also have fun with different colors for different parts of your wooden support.


Once you are finished, make sure you leave it the time to dry!


If you don’t, you’ll lose all the benefits of the masking tape as the delimitation will not be as sharp as it should. So be patient!impatiente




end result

Once dry, just remove the masking tape, and you are done!

Easy Peasy !


Cordialement Bisous,

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One thought on “DIY Customized Wooden Kitchen Tools

  1. Wow, you’ve got some skill and talent! Love the colour choice, gorgeous! :)

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