Minty Mason Jar

I have discovered thanks to a French blog called The BrightSide the wonderful DIY Box made by the French Company PretaCreer.

The concept is the same as a lot of good quality box : get inspired to do lovely things, and don’t bother finding the ingredients, everything is brought to your doorstep! It’s always annoying when you don’t have everything to hand, and renounce to create for one small detail.

So Pret à Créer provided me with :


You can choose from different colors, but obivously I went for the Minty Green!


Gorgeous soft color.



Apply as many coats as needed to fully cover the whole jar. Make sure you leave it to dry properly in between coats.


Once fully dry (count 24H), take the sanding paper, and start distressing along the “Ball” on the front of the jar.

Finish with a bit of distressing along the top and bottom of the jar.


Finally, allow paint to dry at least 4 days before baking. Place in a non-preheated oven, then bring to 165°C and start timer for 30 minutes.

Allow to cool completely in oven with door open before removing.


There you go! You now have a dishwasher-safe jar.

I have decided to use my jar as a Q-tip holder that you can find below next to the Fizzy Bath Salts.


Of course, as I am a color obsessed, I also decided to repaint our vase in the entrance too.


Cordialement Bisous,



One thought on “Minty Mason Jar

  1. Awww j’ai ouvert ton article parce que le DIY avait l’air très chouette et quelle surprise de découvrir que tu m’avais cité ! Merci :D
    Contente également d’avoir pu te faire découvrir cette box ! Et le résultat de ton DIY est très réussi, je suis fan !
    Bonne journée,


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