Mother Pukka is Parenting the Shit Out Of Life, and we love it!

As a Mum who started a blog, I had friends suggesting that I needed to open an Instagram account to share the everyday “fun”of being a mum.

This actually allowed me to take a peep inside the life of awesome inspiring mums,  and one of them is the amazing Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka, from London, UK.

This Ex Vice Editor at Time Out Amsterdam is Mum to the Urchin, working as a writter at Shortlist Media on top of her Blog, her Vlog, a Shop she is about to open, and of course her gorgeous Instagram Account which is updated daily. She even found the time to do a daily Christmassy vlog in December for Glamour Magazine  and a video for Citroën. It took me a whole evening just to write this summary while taking care of a teething Wendy. How is she managing to do it all?

Anna from Mother Pukka, with her daughter Mae in Hackney. Photographed by the amazing EmilyGrayPhotography against wall murals painted by Camille Walala.

The first time I heard of Mother Pukka was through her campaign #parentfail to raise money for a charity who use play to educate and empower children and youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease in disadvantaged communities.

The Campaing instructions were as follow (UK) :

#1 Take a photo of yourself/kids/allofyou holding up a white piece of paper with your #parentfail written on it. Make sure it is legible.


#2 Post the photo on your social media channels, nominating other parents to reveal their #parentfail alongside the text: Donate £2 by texting FAIL02 £2 to 70070 for amazing children’s charity.


#3 Donate some cash to Right to Play.

This is exactly the Mother Pukka spirit : laugh at yourself and make something good out of your small failures.

Here is my constribution to #parentfail….


We are very pleased that during her first photoshoots of 2016, Anna Whitehouse has been  wearing the Minty Wendy Necklace called The Nawel.

Anna from Mother Pukka, wearing MintyWendy Necklace, Photographed by the Amazing EmilyGrayPhotography, against wall murals painted by Camille Walala.

She also contributed to select the lovely “Mother Pukka” Necklace which is made from Food Grade Silicone Beads that can be chewed on by babies. A Multi-Tasking Teething Necklace“, as Anna called it. When you are out and about, your necklace become a toy for your baby.

Mother Pukka2.jpg

We decided with Anna that 3 euros will be given to the charity RightToPlay  for every “Mother Pukka” necklace purchased. A good way to give a meaning to everything we are doing here.

Mother Pukka3.jpeg

My experience in conversing with Mother Pukka is that she is following her iconic motto : she is just a Mum, Parenting the Shit out of Life.

On top of it, she makes you feel part of the wolves pack, and so that fear of loneliness that comes with the decision of staying at home and starting a small business on your own disappears for a bit, because you know you are part of her gang, part of the #instamum.

She has spent several articles focusing on a very  important point : we are one, don’t try to divide the mothers, they are one bunch of people focusing on the same goal : “trying to keep small human alive”, dixit Mother Pukka.

You can follow her on Youtube, Instagram, and obviously her Blog., you won’t be disappointed!


Cordialement Bisous,





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