Wendy’s little Secret coming from Australia

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This is a post I have been willing to do for a very long time.

When I got pregnant, my dear English friend Cherise, who left the UK to live in Australia gave me the best piece of advice I received and that I since shared with my pregnant friends : listen to the amazing Dr Howard Chilton and get a better understanding of what your baby (and you) are going through!

And so I went and bought my e-book version “Your Cherished Baby“, where “Dr Chilton introduces mothers to a complete approach for settling, feeding and engaging their 0-2 infants. He explains the neurological processes of both baby and mother in this early bonding period. He debunks the myth of baby routines, provides a compelling explanation for colic and excessive crying, and argues for the introduction of varied foods to aid the development of a child’s palette and to guard against obesity later in life.

WENDY_36 (2)

Of course I did not read it at the beginning, I was too busy contemplating the happiness of being pregnant, then the pain of having given birth, but then, when Wendy was 1 month old, I read something from his book that changed my life. Dr Howard Chilton provides you the very logical scientific theory that explains that human babies are premature creature. It makes sense, when you look at the baby chimpanzee, she walks and catch her mum fur, when you look at a puppy, she runs, fall and feed herself directly from her mother, and when you look at a baby Panda….well…she sneezes, as far as I remember it.

The reason being that evolution made us stand up, narrowing the birth canal, rotating our pelvis etc… (let’s be honest here, I am only paraphrasing, watch the video below for listening the words of the man itself) and then our brain started to grow bigger…as a consequence, humans started to have Preemie!

As a consequence, you need to replicate during the first 3 months of her life what it was like inside : snuggled, warm, dark and noisy!


The main thing that worked for Wendy was keeping her in the dark (she was born in April, so exactly as we were getting longer and longer sunny days!) and avoid visual stimulation as much as I could.

WENDY_42 (2)

I received bad looks from people around me, but mainly surprise look. Wouldn’t it be a problem if she is not stimulated enough? Won’t you think there will be risk for her development. Well, I have tested it for you, everything is fine, she is 11 months old, she almost walks, and she can say “Papa” “Maman” “Inter” (for internet, our corgi dog) & “More” without a problem. She is fine!

And so, for Wendy, it worked. At 1 month and a half, she was sleeping through the night, and the famous “colic” were no longer a problem. Dr Howard Chilton explains that the over-stimulated baby has the symptoms of a Colic because has been overwhelmed by all the visual input that she was forced to see all day. When we went for the family gathering, and that inevitably, the whole family wanted to hold her, cuddle her, show her all the birds and flowers of the garden (when she was usually sleeping about 20H a day) the consequences were always pain, sleepless crying baby for 3 days before managing to put her back in her small routine.

Wendy Darling

I won’t waste too much of your time explaining to you in my poor vocabulary how this theory can help some of you the way it helped Wendy and us, so take the time to read Your Cherished Baby book, because this part is only the beginning, you will be taught to “make sure you adjust your own masks before helping others”, to not to worry if your baby is not ready to eat solid straight away, to stimulate your baby depending on her age etc….

And if you still need to be convinced watch this :


I hope it will help you the same way it helped us!


Cordialement Bisous,



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